Land Contract With Balloon Payment

Land Contracts are seller financed properties in which you own the property and are paying the monthly payments to the seller until the balance is paid off. The land contract will allow you to own your home while your repair your credit to refinance at a lower interest rate if a balloon payment is required.

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 · A balloon payment is a lump sum of money that is due at a specified time, in this case at the end of the course of monthly payments. It can be helpful to compare a land contract to renting or leasing with the option to buy, though they are not entirely one in the same.

I have a Michigan land contract with a balloon payment due on 12/7/09. I was approved (credit wise)for a refinance loan with a bank, but the house appraisal came back at 100% loan to value ratio (property values have dropped significantly) so the bank is unable to proceed with the loan. I do not want an extension of the land contract and wish to forfeit my interest in the house.

The issue is that most land contracts have a balloon payment on them. This means there is an expiration date on the contract that says the buyer needs to pay it in full within a certain number of years (usually 5 years or less). At the time when the balloon payment is due, the buyer (you) will.

This Act may be cited as the Installment Sales Contract Act.. "Balloon payment" means a payment, other than the initial down payment, in which more. as a part of a tract of land consisting of 4 acres or more zoned for agricultural purposes.

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In the event the Seller shall default upon any such mortgage or land contract, the Purchaser shall have the right to do the acts or make the payments necessary to cure such default and shall be reimbursed for so doing by receiving, automatically, credit to this contract to apply on the payments.

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A “Land Installment Contract” or “Land Contract” is a specific type agreement. Once that final balloon payment is made, the selling landowner will transfer the.

Prior to executing a residential real estate installment sales contract, the. If the contract requires a balloon payment, a complete description of the balloon. land used for agricultural purposes as defined in section 535.13. 7.