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In addition, your credit score doesn’t necessarily come into play until you’re ready to purchase the property, at which time you’d apply for a mortgage. Recognize the Risks of a Rent-to-own Home The benefits of opting for a rent-to-own agreement will only apply if you exercise the option to purchase the property.

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Rent to Own Means No Credit Needed, No Kidding. Many retailers offering credit cards will charge you an interest rate between 15 and 23 percent. Lower credit scores often command even higher interest rates. And that’s on top of annual fees. Rent-A-Center doesn’t issue credit cards, and you don’t need one to purchase with us. Our no-credit-needed stance is firm, and there are plenty of reasons.

Improving Your Credit Score If you just checked your score and it was not where it needed to be, don’t worry, we can help. Our specialists at are trained to repair credit and help you build up your score.

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Rent-to-own homes are the ideal choice for people with bad credit to get into the home they want to buy. A rent-to-own lease agreement lets you move into your home and rent it for a few years as a lease. During the lease period you’d save up money and build your credit score. After the lease period is up you’d buy the home.

I’ve heard how Aaron’s has claimed that they help build your credit score by leasing you things from them. I have been thinking about taking them up on this offer, but does it really help? I mean, what is the difference between leasing and rent to owning something? Does rent to own also help if leasing is pretty much the same thing?

If it’s credit that is holding you back, look into an FHA loan which borrowers can qualify for with a 580 credit score. Have a professional review the Rent-to-Own Contract Before signing any lease-to-own or land contract you should consult a real estate attorney, or work with a knowledgeable real estate agent.

Rent payments aren’t automatically reported to credit bureaus. You can use rent-reporting services to add rental payments to your credit reports, which can help some of your credit scores.

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