Average Cost Of Appraisal

 · The average cost for a Real Estate Appraiser is $350. To hire a Real Estate Appraiser to complete your project, you are likely to spend between $320 and $350 total. The price of a Real Estate Appraiser can vary depending on your area.

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The average cost of a home appraisal can vary depending on several different factors. Before entering into the appraisal process, it is important to know what an appraisal is, the different approaches taken to appraise your home and how much it costs in order to prepare you for what’s ahead.

By contrast, a more complex appraisal could cost between $1,200 and $1,400. Kellogg says the price of the appraisal depends on the scope of work and how long the assignment takes.

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For most loans, a typical property appraisal takes a few hours or less and costs around $300 or $400. Your lender has to give you a copy: The consumer financial protection bureau requires your lender to give you a copy of your appraisal as soon as the mortgage company receives it, or at least three days.

Homeowners report paying an average of $414 for a property appraisal, and you will more than likely find your own home appraisal to fall within the relatively small range between $395 and $433. Keep in mind that this estimate is based on appraising a traditional, single-family home.

Here are several ways to save on the cost of a home appraisal when buying a home versus a loan refinance.

Average home appraisal cost Angie’s List members who had a home appraised in 2013 reported paying an average of about $370, with a general range of $335 to $405, not counting discounts many service providers offer to members.

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The average cost of a real estate appraisal is $300 to $425 for a single-family home or condo. Most home sellers pay about $350 for the appraisal, which is usually included with other closing costs. Appraisers in large cities with high labor costs charge closer to $500 to $800 for a home appraisal.

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